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Model BB-500 :: 500k BTU (150+kw) Boiler


LEI Products is introducing its next product in The Bio-Burner™ line – the BB-500. The BB-500 is a 500k BTU biomass boiler/burner with the same unique design as the BB-100.  It is a multi-day, multi-fuel boiler/burner that uses hydronics to produce enough BTU’s for the commercial or light industrial application. The BB-500 will burn many types of biomass fuel.  The fuel size can range from dust to a B50 wood chip size including pellets and other bio-mass waste byproducts.  Fuel moisture content can be as high as 50%, but 25% provides the most efficient burn. It will produce 500K BTU (150+kw) peak output and because of its sophisticated computer controls, it has a “turn off” feature – making it almost smoke free –  instead of the “turn down” feature of most other burners which causes smoking.

Like the BB-100, the BB-500 can also be used in series with other Bio-Burners for a greater heat demand or one unit can be linked to multiple smaller structures to provide central heating from one source. The list of possible heating applications for The BB-500 Bio-Burner™ is rapidly growing:  heating green houses, chicken houses, ice skating rinks, large department stores, fire houses, schools, churches, government buildings, wood kilns, drying tobacco and pallets and heat treating firewood. Combined with a Fuel Processing & Drying System (FPS-H2O or FPS-500), one can process and dry biomass fuel for The Bio-Burner™ or use the system for application such as creating animal bedding or pre-processing and drying biomass for pelletizing.

The BB-500 is compatible with all Bio-Burner Fuel Feed Systems: the 2yd standard bin, 11 yard bulk or the 22 yard bulk bin.  All fuel bin systems include all motors, augers & computer controls. Each bulk bin design is optionally capable of feeding up to 3 Bio-Burner units at once. The bulk bin systems come with plans for constructing the 11 or 22 yd wooden bin (wooden parts not included.) Optional pre-construction & partial assembly of wooden parts is available. For more information on the BB-500 fuel bin options CLICK HERE

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