The Bio-Burner

Model BB-100 :: 100k BTU Boiler

The Bio-Burner :: Model BB-100

The Bio-Burner not just another wood chip boiler. It is a multi-fuel, multi-day biomass burner/boiler. It is a hydronic, non-pressurized boiler that can be attached to any existing heating system (hydronic or forced air.) The Bio-Burner is also non-catalytic – the burn takes place in a single burn chamber. The BB-100 is rated as an indoor/outdoor biomass burner and gas burner (natural or propane.) The Bio-Burner has a unique computer controlled combustion process which results in a highly efficient and clean burn. The Bio-Burner has also passed all UL & CSA B365 safety standards for indoor & outdoor use. LEI Products also offers an EPA Phase II version of The Bio-Burner, model MBB-100 which has been qualified with the EPA as a wood pellet boiler. For more information on this unit VISIT THE MBB-100 PAGE.

The BB-100 is the 100k BTU Bio-Burner intended for residential or light commercial use. The BB-100 will burn many types of biomass fuel. The fuel size can range from dust to a B10 wood chip size including pellets and other bio-mass waste byproducts. Fuel moisture content can be as high as 40%, but 25% provides the most efficient burn. It will produce 100K BTU’s and because of its sophisticated computer controls, it has a “turn off” feature – making it almost smoke free – instead of the “turn down” feature of most other burners which causes smoking.

The BB-100 is compatible with all Bio-Burner Fuel Feed Systems: the 2yd standard bin, 11 yard bulk or the 22 yard bulk bin. All fuel bin systems include all motors, augers & computer controls. Each bulk bin design is optionally capable of feeding up to 3 Bio-Burner units at once. The bulk bin systems come with plans for constructing the 11 or 22 yd wooden bin (wooden parts not included.) Optional pre-construction & partial assembly of wooden parts is available. For more information on the BB-100 fuel bin options CLICK HERE

Either propane or natural gas is used to ignite the fuel on start-up or if the burner has been off for a long period of time, it will automatically ignite when heat is demanded. This same gas source is used to provide fuel if there is a need for the full gas back-up system. If the owner is away from home for a length of time or if one runs out of biomass fuel, the BB-100 can be used as a gas system (fully rated in safety and emissions for 100k BTU’s.)

The MBB-100 functions the same as The Bio-Burner model BB-100. There are a few key differences:
  • The MBB-100 has been tested for efficiency & clean emissions by the EPA.
  • The MBB-100 is EPA Phase 2 qualified as a wood pellet boiler.
  • The BB-100 has not been tested. Due to the BB-100′s ability to burn a multitude of biomass fuels, it would be infeasible to run every one of the fuel possibilities in the test lab. For those in need of an EPA Phase 2 qualified heating appliance, the MBB-100 meets all necessary requirements.

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