Entrepreneurial Opportunities

LEI Products is proposing entrepreneurial opportunities for those who would like to build a new business or expand their existing business.  The biomass industry is exploding.  People around the globe are beginning to understand the importance of utilizing local resources to create cheap, green energy & creating local jobs.  LEI Products is complicit in this way of thinking and offers the following opportunities:

Authorized Service Center Opportunity

LEI Products is developing a network of Authorized Service Centers (ASC’s/Dealers) for their expanding new product line.  Members of this network receive complete product training & certification for sales & service of The Bio-Burner & all other products by LEI Products.  This network is displayed online for the general public to locate their nearest ASC.  For those interested in sales & service in the biomass heating industry, this opportunity may be for you.

Online ApplicationASC Locator

Biomass Fuel Supplier Opportunity

LEI Products is also developing a network of biomass fuel suppliers.  Members of this network are displayed online as a place for owners of The Bio-Burner to purchase biomass fuel locally.  Anyone with a ready supply of biomass (wood chips, sawdust, pellets, ag. products, paper products, animal bedding, etc.) is potentially a great candidate for this network.

Online ApplicationFuel Supplier Locator

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