LEI Products – Video Overview of the FPS-H2O Biomass Processing & Drying System with The Bio-Burner model BB-300

The FPS-H2O by LEI Products is a complete biomass processing & drying system to create dry & uniform biomass for multiple applications.

The product applications include:

  • Ready to burn biomass fuel for heating or drying applications with The Bio-Burner
  • Inexpensive premium animal bedding
  • Pellet mill feed stock for pelletizing
  • Any other application that requires biomass to be broken down in size & dried.

The drying process uses cheap heat from hot water created by The Bio-Burner. Any of The Bio-Burner units are compatible with the FPS-H2O biomass processing & drying system. The FPS-H2O has two optional hammer mills which processes biomass into uniform size & consistency once it has been thru the drying process.  With the use of both hammer mills, this system can create perfect pellet feedstock ready for pelletizing in one pass.

This is also a perfect solution for medium to large equine facilities to process their waste horse manure & bedding into usable biomass fuel for heating their facilities & eliminating disposal costs for waste bedding & manure.  This system can also create inexpensive premium bedding by using waste wood chips, shavings, dusts or grasses.  This system can create enough bedding for personal use as well as for resale to other equine facilities, poultry farms or other places in need of premium animal bedding.

Once biomass has been dried & processed in the FPS-H2O, it makes perfect biomass fuel for use in The Bio-Burner to create cheap heat for multiple applications such as:

  • Domestic Heating
  • Commercial Heating
  • Light Industrial Heating
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating (tap water)
  • Kiln Drying
  • Heating Swimming Pools

When the FPS-H2O is paired with The Bio-Burner, a full circle is created.

  1. Raw waste biomass is converted into a product with value
  2. A cheap fuel source is created
  3. That inexpensive fuel source is used to create more fuel
  4. Cheap heat is left over for auxiliary heating applications.

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LEI Products is a faith-based company whose goal is to be good stewards of the resources God has placed on this earth. LEI is dedicated to creating innovative environmental solutions for today’s “green” conscious world. All products by LEI are focused on turning waste into revenue, maximizing the potential of natural and financial resources.

LEI Strives to provide their customers with quality products that meet their needs and build strong relationships through superior customer service. While creating a positive working environment for their employees, LEI Products design, manufactures, and sells from their home base in Madisonville, Kentucky.

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