LEI Products :: 2014 PRICE INCREASE

LEI Products :: Price Increase - Feb 1st 2014
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LEI Products will be implementing a global price increase on February 1st of 2014. This increase is due to inflation as well as product demand.

All quotes given before February 1st will be valid for 30 days. Act soon to claim today’s low pricing and reserve your place in line before product lead times become any longer.

For current pricing, please contact your LEI Products or your local Authorized Service Center. Pricing may vary depending on your physical location.

Our Mission Statement

LEI Products is a faith-based company whose goal is to be good stewards of the resources God has placed on this earth. LEI is dedicated to creating innovative environmental solutions for today’s “green” conscious world. All products by LEI are focused on turning waste into revenue, maximizing the potential of natural and financial resources.

LEI Strives to provide their customers with quality products that meet their needs and build strong relationships through superior customer service. While creating a positive working environment for their employees, the LEI Products team designs, manufactures, and sells from their home base in Madisonville, Kentucky.

LEI Products : 4100 Nebo Road, Madisonville, KY 42431
Mail Us : sales@leiprod.com
Call Us : 1.877.458.6928


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